Call-In Special

This February, people from around the U.S. called in and left a message make some noise just for fun! Hear some of the sounds they created.

Call-In Special is a lighthearted, playful sound art project that you can be part of. It is organized by Christopher Gollmar, a teacher, tinkerer, and sometimes artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

The goal of the project is to create an open and easily accessed imaginative space for anybody to make and share whatever sounds they want and, in turn, to hear their sounds playfully remixed alongside sounds from other participants.

A few selected sounds

In February 2017, Call-In Special participants from around the U.S. used their phones to make, find, and record sounds to share. Here are a few tracks that remix their contributions.

Want to learn more about how the project works? Read on!

How do I participate?

  1. Call 347-587-8553 from any phone until February 28, 2017.
    When you connect, you will hear an automated recording that prompts you to leave a message. It's just like voicemail.
    Call-In Special is not accepting new recordings right now.
  2. Leave a message. Say whatever you want. Make some noise!
    You will have two minutes to record anything you want. Tell a joke, make silly noises, sing a song, recite nonsense words — the choice is yours! Feel free to call multiple times during the course of the project and leave multiple messages.
    Call-In Special is not accepting new recordings right now.
  3. Call back in March for a remixed recording featuring you and other participants.
    Your recording will be sliced and diced and mixed in with recordings made by other participants. When you call back, you will hear a personalized remix that includes your recording(s). You can also revisit this site in March to listen to some of the best mixes from all participants. Scroll up to see a few selected remixes or call 347-587-8553 for a random one.

Can you explain this again?

Sure! There are basically two parts to this project.

First, people (including you!) are going to call an automated phone number I set up. They will say whatever they want to say or make whatever sounds they want to make. Whatever they choose to do, it will be recorded. This will happen through February 28, 2017.

Then, I will take all of the recordings that people have made and mix them up. I plan on cutting them into shorter pieces, rearranging, and layering them to create interesting mashups. Anyone will be able to hear these tracks on this website in March 2017. Participants who recorded sounds can all call back in March and hear tracks featuring their audio.

Still unclear? Here's a diagram that I drew on a napkin:

Diagram of project, drawn on a napkin.

How will you respect my privacy?

  • I, Christopher Gollmar, will keep your phone number and any other contact information confidential.
  • Your phone number will not be shared with anybody. It will only be used by me (Christopher Gollmar) and the third-party service (Twilio) that I use to send and receive phone calls. It will only be used for the Call-In Special project.
  • Your phone calls are the source materials of this sound project. Anything you say and any sound you make when you call to participate in the project will be recorded and may be shared publicly as part of this project. This includes your name and any other information you say.
  • Though your phone number is kept private, your recording is not anonymous. Do not share sensitive information about yourself or anyone else in this project. Governmental agencies or other adversarial organizations/individuals may be able to access or intercept your private information, despite my best intentions.
  • If you have any specific concerns about your privacy, email me, even if you've already recorded a message.

Ready to make some noise?